Welcome to the web site of Blue Bead Recruitment Agency.This site has been designed to highlight our business philosophy, market and process. We welcome your call or email to enable us to fully illustrate our range of services (please see our contact us details).



Are you having difficulty finding the right candidate? Have you tried consultancies before but have not been impressed with their results? Do you need a responsive, effective and top quality service?

We may be able to help you. We confront challenges and respond enthusiastically to achieve the desired result. We have a successful track record, which we fully intend to keep.

We have already invested time and money on advertising, screening CVs and interviewing candidates to create a resource you can call on at a moment notice. Our centralized database is packed with details of many who may satisfy the basic criteria for your job right now, and we will be quick to refine our selection to provide the best match at every level. If we don't have the right candidate on our books, we know how to find them using tailored combinations of marketing strategies to attract the right people.

We take the time to really understand your business and present candidates that best meet your special requirements. Our experience is invaluable in assisting you to conduct a successful search and to plan a smooth transition for the newly hired incumbent.

By keeping our eyes on new talent, we can also be proactive by informing you of talent that we feel would benefit your organization.

Blue Bead becomes an integral partner working closely with client senior management and HR professionals in order to develop the most fulfilling HR strategy and recruit high quality people.

We are dedicated to providing knowledge, speed of action and quality of service. We will bring new people, new insights and new energy to your business.
Working with Blue Bead insures that your recruitment needs are met.


We offer a range of flexible recruitment solutions for both permanent and interim positions covering all sectors from junior to senior levels and assist you in your search for HR talent; these include, Database Search, Managed Advertised Campaign and Executive Search.

In the process of finding the right candidate for you, Blue Bead does not focus only on the quality of candidates, but also on the time it takes to find them, giving you results in a short time.

Blue Bead's Recruitment Services is a "hand-on" process;

  • We work with our clients from initial stages of preparing staffing plans, to recruiting personal.
  • We offer our clients the tools to organize and plan their own recruitment procedures in Lebanon.
  • We work with companies by providing them our premises, our professional team, our candidate database and the needed follow up procedures.
  • We manage tailored Advertising Campaigns

Blue Bead provides a complete recruitment services; from position definition and evaluation through to travel and logistics arrangements for the appointee.

  • We have full understanding of the conditions and requirements of licensing employees according to the International and Arab World qualifications level.
  • We handle visas, ticketing and work permits quickly and efficiently.


Why should we work with Blue Bead?

There are a number of reasons we feel that it would be advantageous to work with us. We believe we offer a top quality professional service that is constantly evolving via a new business developments and customer feedback

We get to know what you are looking for and will not waste your time sending you unsuitable candidates just to make up a short list. We have an extensive database of available high caliber candidates that we can carefully evaluate for your role.

We are a focused, professional company whose success has led to the establishment of strong relationships with our clients and candidates. We have earned a high reputation based upon the high working standards we have always applied to ourselves. Our skilled consultants are experienced and motivated to make successful placements.

What services can we expect from you?

You can expect a proactive and fresh approach to understanding and meeting your particular requirements. You can expect an assigned recruitment consultant and their time and commitment to finding the best candidate for your vacancy and team. We know you need honest feedback and regular progress updates, these are central to keeping you informed and included in the process.

You can expect confidentiality and privacy to be upheld and maintained by all Blue Bead staff and to be treated in a polite and friendly manner.

Where are you based?

Lebanon Based, our premises are located in Beirut.
We primarily deal with vacancies in the Arab and Gulf Area, but have been involved with international placements when requested.