Welcome to the web site of Blue Bead Recruitment Agency.This site has been designed to highlight our business philosophy, market and process. We welcome your call or email to enable us to fully illustrate our range of services (please see our contact us details).



We want you to succeed in your new post! Ultimately, this is how we will be rated.

We take care to ensure that not only you meet the specifications of the vacancy, but also that the vacancy meets your specifications.

We treat all of our candidates as individuals. We listen to you. We will advise you and act as a sounding board to help you expand and explore your career options.

Once we have established your aspirations, we will endeavor to source the right opportunity for you and won't waste your valuable time with pointless telephone calls. As well as matching you to positions that our clients place with us. We will be pro-active on your behalf should we believe there is a particularly good fit with client company. We will always seek your approval before discussing your profile with a client. All that we ask of you is that you keep us informed should your circumstances or aspirations change so that we only contact you about career moves that will interest you.

We will effect introductions for you to our clients, ensuring that you have a complete briefing on the role and client company before attending interviews to equip you with the best possible advantage. We will manage the interview process, give you feedback and will always respect any decisions made by you to proceed or not.

Our service is fast, confidential and discreet and we aim to be available to you around the clock.
You can be assured that we will work with you to help you make the change that you are seeking and that you can rely on BlueBead to be the right choice for your next move.


BLUE BEAD opens up the door for you and gives you the chance to find employment abroad Lebanon, in the Gulf Area or worldwide. You can find Junior to Senior positions in all sectors available all year long. (Please see our Area Specialties)

Our team understands that relocation to a foreign country should be exiting and as stress free as possible. We have a keen understanding of the huge step you are about to take, and can offer expertise and advice on what you can expect with regards to culture shock and work experience.

Once you have registered with us, your name, contact information and current and/or last employer(s) will remain highly confidential. Our consultants will start working on your file to match it with vacancies that meets your specifications. To ensure this, we:

  • Assist in preparing a professional CV to match the job applying for, based on a personal counseling.
  • Continuous update of your CV on a regular basis, continuous circulation of your file to all our clients.
  • Fully inform you of job specifications on every vacancy and client companies.
  • Prepare you for the job interview by the companies' personal, offering you tips on questions to be asked, dress code and body language.
  • Feedback on each and every vacancy.
  • Feedback on every interview.
  • Negotiate the best contract for you including salary and benefits.
  • We appoint a consultant to deal with you on an individual basis.
  • Assist with registration and visa applications.
  • Assist with the travel arrangements and ensure that you are met at the airport.
  • We ensure that a full orientation is given to all of our candidates, which will allow them to meet their future colleagues.
  • We always Endeavour to send our candidates in small groups, which take the anxiety out of traveling and working in a new and strange environment.


Why should I register with Blue Bead?

If you are looking for a new position, we try and find out what you're looking for in your next career move.

We take pride in finding that ideal job for you and the resulting job satisfaction you will have. There is no pressure to go for any jobs or to take any position you feel uncomfortable about. If you are unsure about what it is you are looking for, our skilled consultants will help and guide you through this until you are confident in your career direction. You will be assigned a particular consultant who will be available to update and speak to you about your concerns and general queries.

What you have got that other agencies can't offer me?

We really give the personal touch and commitment to find you the right position. We are aware of how a candidate can sometimes feel - he or she is just a name rather than an individual. Blue Bead has always maintained a full commitment to the individual approach, even whilst we are expanding; we believe the recruitment process should result in both sides being satisfied. We know that for you to be a success, the vacancy must also have what you want.

Lastly, our continuing success has meant we have established links with exiting, challenging companies and are able to provide appealing and attractive position for you.

I've never registered online before, what happens?

It's very simple; just go to our contact page and register your details. One of our consultants will be in touch within 24 hours, or whenever you have requested. Your details are kept privately and confidentially by Blue Bead and completely deleted should you request. No details are released to a third party unless permission is explicitly given (please see our statement on privacy). If you do not wish to register, but merely want an informal chat please feel free to call and speak to one of our recruitment consultants who will put you through to one of the appropriate person to help you.